Everyone dreams that the backyard garden is a wonderful green in order to enjoy it with his family and friends, and it is the best place to do private parties or birthdays or even to enjoy the clear sunlight with greater privacy and we shortened the time for you to make a garden in the fastest time and in the best way through Biograssmats grass mat, which will impress you with its results.
Biograssmats Grass Seed Mat


Biodegradable Seed Mat: Once the grass rolls are watered, our biograssmats grass mat will stick to the ground. This seed mat prevents seeds from being washed away, is cheaper, easier to use, and lighter than usual turf.
Biograssmats Grass Seed Mat
Biograssmats Grass Seed Mat
Fast Fixation Rollers: Our biograssmats mat is super lightweight and easy to spread or cut into small pieces to restore weak areas of turf. Secondly, our seed rolls will actively spread and thicken to form a durable lawn.
Biograssmats Grass Seed Mat
Effective Protection: The function of the plant fiber net and reinforcement net is integrated. This lawn mat has protection and reinforcement functions, which can effectively reduce the erosion of rainwater on slopes and prevent seeds from being eaten by birds also Each seed is surrounded by fertilizer by our Micro Pellet Fertilizer and Biodegradable Fabric that produces fast germination and uniform growth!
Biograssmats Grass Seed Mat
Absorb Nutrients And Multiply: Increase soil temperature and humidity, accumulate humus, and thereby improve soil moisture, it plays an important role in plant protection, thereby effectively improving the survival rate of plants.
Biograssmats Grass Seed Mat
Simple And Convenient: Our biograssmats grass seed mat is very easy to use, just roll, spread, water, observe its growth, even in the thick shadow or hot sun, this mat can still remain green.
Biograssmats Grass Seed Mat


Material: Biodegradable grass seed pad
Function: windproof and soil consolidation, heat preservation, moisture preservation, shading, full seeding raising.
Color: green
Size: 20x300cm, 20x1000cm
Package size: 22.5x20x5 cm
Package Content: 1 x Biograssmats seed mat
Biograssmats Grass Seed Mat
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