5 Ways to Calm Your Nervous Mind

by MyInfiniteRelax Admin
5 Ways to Calm Your Nervous Mind

As human beings, we all have been victims of anxiety, hard times, stressful days and you name it. It’s not easy to get things done, be productive, and enjoy life when your nervousness takes over your day. Worrying about things that are out of your control or about things that may or may not happen is how you buy a one-way ticket to a miserable life. So here’s a list of 5 ways to help you cope with your nervous mind.

1. Write your thoughts down.
Keeping a journal is a great and helpful way to release part of your anxiety and also follow the progress you make when it comes to coping with stress. Putting your thoughts and feelings down on a paper can significantly help you to “brain-dump” your anxieties, frustrations, and pains.

2. Take a walk in nature.
According to numerous studies going for a walk has measurable mental benefits and it may also reduce the risk of depression, stress, increase positivity, and help your brain function better. Spending more time in natural environments seems to have a positive outcome and improve your mental health.

3. Talk with a friend or a sibling.
A simple 10 minutes phone call with a person that understands you can drastically change the way you feel. Sharing your thoughts, concerns, feelings, and knowing you are not alone no matter what you are going through is so important and automatically can make you feel better.

4. Analyze your thoughts.
Whenever you feel nervousness coming on, stop what you’re doing (just for a moment) and analyze how your thought process is working. When you find yourself having negative, not helpful thoughts lurking in your brain, identify them, and simply dismiss them. Start doing something pleasant instead that will distract you.

5. Find A Reassuring Mantra
A mantra is simply a concentration aid that helps you quiet down your mind so you can focus on what you know is important, as opposed to focusing on what your stressed brain is telling you to focus on.

by MyInfiniteRelax Admin

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